Work Auditor

Record screenshots, chat, web, print, file, USB storage, clipboard, live desktop…
Based on cloud, WorkAuditor can monitor employee’s computer and internet activities from anywhere in real-time.

Work Time Tracking

Want to know how many hours your employees working a day? Want to remotely supervise your employees when you’re nor around? Then try workauditor is necessary. Online based software can helps you to know exactly where the time went collects computer usage data, which your team can use to accurately and easily track project work.

Productivity promotion

Do you want to enhance the employee productivity in your company? Have you ever calculated that if your employees work more and play less, it would be better to your company? iMonitor workauditor can makes informed choice, with the 360 degrees monitoring, it can maximize the efficiency and productivity of employees.

Attendance Management

Poor attendance saps employee morale, costs employers overtime expenses, and reduces employee engagement. Poor attendance takes supervisory time and attention and often results in disciplinary action. So workauditor can helps you manage your employees attendance.

Activities Monitoring

Without infringing on anyone’s privacy, and based on one centralized console, iMonitor WorkAuditor can grouply manage the unlimted users, and get all internet & computer activities information like working time, application usage, website visited and more.

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