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MiClient is a cloud-based proposal management solution which helps companies on-board and engage clients. Designed for the service industry, the key features of the platform include access to a content repository and knowledge library, task assignment, status tracking, auto-formatting and lead nurturing.

The estimates feature allows users to create business proposals from predefined templates and include components of the proposed services. Service managers can use the invoicing tool to record initial deposits and generate recurring bills based on project milestones or percentage of work completed. A reimbursement functionality enables teams to tag photos of receipts to the client’s project and attach them to invoices to register claims.

With MiClient, users can aggregate leads from multiple channels and send engagement letters to potential clients online. It lets customers accept proposals with an e signature, and records details of different deals for analysis. Project managers can use the application to view the work status and keep track of incoming payments, billable hours and accounts receivable.


CPQ Software Provider

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software helps companies automate the lifecycle of the quoting and proposal process, starting with the moment a customer supplies their needs in a company’s offering and ending with sending a detailed quote to the customer or prospect.

CPQ is a sales tool for companies to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. CPQ applications often work in tandem with CRM platforms, ERP programs, and other business technology, which helps ensure integrated data as well as accuracy. Quotes produced with CPQ software are automated according to a pre- programmed set of rules, ensuring error-free pricing that takes into account quantities, discounts, customisation, optional features of products, multiple revenue types, and incompatibilities.

Best Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software is used to streamline the entire contract lifecycle process, from pre-signature to post-signature. Unlike contract management softwareCLM software helps users manage actions post-signature (or post-execution), including obligation tracking, performance and compliance management, and dispute resolutions.

MiClient is the #1-rated contracting platform for ease of use,

MiClient is a deal closure platform which was founded by experienced sales leaders who recognized the need for a new generation of sales solutions to address the rapid changes brought on by the evolution of digital buyers and sellers. We automate client interaction process with improved proposal conversion.

We work with the world’s most effective sales teams, continually learning from their evolving sales process and results – allowing us to optimize our customers’ sales process and performance. We support this with the commitment to product innovation that keeps our customers at the forefront .


  • MiClient can be used by teams to collaborate on projects as it supports the creation of multiple user accounts.
  • MiClient is a digital platform which enables users to enter transaction details from a phone or tablet from any location.
  • The solution helps service-oriented firms manage pre-sales activities by collecting leads from multiple channels and sending proposals to clients online.
  • MiClient’s integration with accounting software lets users manage all payment and invoice related tasks from the platform.
  • Service managers can access the application’s predefined templates and customize them according to client requirements. 


Lead Management

• Manage leads with our efficient Kanban Board

• Change lead status with a drag and drop

• Stay updated with complete visibility of client status

• Capture client activities while managing your leads

Client Hub

• One place to collaborate with the client to accelerate deal process

• Share documents easily through unified client portal

• Reduce need for emails to track conversation.

• A seamless buyer-seller experience for faster closure of deals


Contract Manager

• A sole solution to manage your documents

• Smooth flow of documents to relevant stakeholders

• Remove multiple email chain dependency for tracking

• Parallel flow of quotations and contracts for legal and sales leaders.



• Robust reports with relevant data

• Dependency on different departments removed

• Get an instant view of your business performance

• Advanced customisation to get output as per business requirement


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