iMonitor EAM combines user activity monitoring, behavior analytics and productivity tools in a single console, Prevent insider threats and increase productivity

iMonitor EAM is a centralized employee monitoring solution which able to monitor 1000+ client computers with 1 server. The monitored computer can be domain based computers; remote computers with VPN; or even computers out of your company network. All records will be collected from clients’ computers and saved on the server database, you can centralized monitor or control them in real time or anytime. The agent program will work in totally stealth mode without employee knowing: no popup windows, and can not be found and ended in task manager.

iMonitor EAM has the ability to record every employee’s all computer activities, including computer running time; user active working and idle time; keystrokes; clipboard activities; screen-shots; file documents; print jobs; E-mail; web mail(GMail, Yahoo mail, Hotmai and all other popular web mail); online storage usage; FTP file transfer; website visited records; file uploads/downloads; program usage and time; chat conversation(Skype, AIM, QQ, ICQ, Facebook Messenger, Google talk chat and all other popular chat tools); USB storage usage; application network traffic; system events, etc.

Many employees spend unproductive time at work. According to survey report of Economist: 64% of employees browse unproductive websites every day; 75% of employees use their email for personal reasons; 85% working time occupied by non-work related affairs. In a long term, it will cause inefficiency, and inefficiency can cause loss of productivity. it will cause productivity loss. iMonitor EAM can help you add the filter rules to block target apps, websites running during the specific time, to make employees concentrate on their work, prevent productivity loss.

Antivirus and firewall are generally good at defending external threats. However, the majority of the data breaches in recent years were caused by internal employees. EAM would help you find out when and who copy the data; monitoring every E-mail sending; Tracking print job and chat details. Or you can encrypt the valuable, The encrypted files can be used normally on all computers in the company with EAM client with encryption enabled. Even if the costumer did stole the data, on the computer without EAM installed or encryption disabled, there will show messy code.

iMonitor EAM alert system is capable of notifying you in real time about potentially dangerous events occurs. You can build custom alerts rules, EAM would automatically detect the forbidden behavior such as insert an USB device to copy file/process file; print document; download file from website; transfer file to/from FTP server; try to run a blocked application; try to open a blocked website; Input the preset keywords, file name, print job name, website URL, website title, etc. Then you would get real-time alerts and EAM would take a screenshot as a proof so that immediate action can be taken.

With iMonitor EAM, you can run multiple remote desktops at the same time to monitor each employees’ working conditions as screenshot or streaming video in real-time. Also, we provide the auto screenshot as history playback, each user session would be recorded. Administrator can configure screen shot time interval; streaming video recording quality; streaming video play speed; and allows for full VCR-like broadcast control for the viewer. Unlike other monitor software, iMonitor EAM allows you to remotely full control the client computer’s mouse and keyboard, send real-time notification through EAM to target employee.

What it does

More Attributes

  • Record Computer Activity
  • File Encryption
  • Keystroke Logging
  • Live Screenshot & Playback
  • View & Control Remotely
  • Extensive Reporting Features
  • Flexible Blocking Features
  • Data Security
  • Email & Web-Mail
  • Employee Working Efficiency Monitoring
  • Easy to Install
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