iMonitor 365

Keystrokes, screenshots, chat, web, print, file, USB storage, clipboard, live desktop…
Based on cloud, iMonitor 365 can monitor employee’s computer and internet activities from anywhere in real-time.

The target clients of iMonitor 365 are basically small and medium enterprises. We can quickly and efficiently provide you the key information you need, and help you to increase employees’ productivity.

iMonitor 365 just need one agent program installed on target computer, and the installation is simple. With online console can maximumly simplify the monitoring process. No need the extra IP address setting.


You can setup one account to monitor multiple computers. We provide online console which can run on any web browser, even your mobile phone’s web browser.

Cloud Based Data Saving

The data of iMonitor 365 is stored on cloud. It could be checked anywhere and anytime on the web browser with internet access, no need the third-party server.

Comprehensive Data Saving

Recording employee’s computer and internet activities logs are available with iMonitor 365, and it will be saved on the cloud for 7 – 30 days. The user can view the reports online, or download the XLSX files to the local disk.

Extensive Reporting and Monitoring

iMonitor 365 can collect the general online and local computer internet activities reports and it can be saved daily, weekly, monthly. Also, it can monitor the target computer in real-time and display as live desktop.

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