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Enterprise resource planning is now gaining lots of importance among the business economy. It is now being seen as an important tool for managing resources of a company both internally and externally. It is being used both for many business applications and also for many manufacturing industries. Previously, enterprise resource planning was used only of large business companies. It required lots of money to be invested. Small scale and medium sized companies were not ready to invest a large amount for buying software and employing staffs for managing ERP software.

Keeping this in mind, ERP vendors started diversifying their enterprise resource planning software by releasing many versions of the software which could assist small companies too. Also, small sized companies might not require all the tools and customizations available for the big companies. The ERP software got tailored particularly to meet the small sized companies and for increasing the productivity. After this, small sized business people also started buying ERP software which matched their investment amount.

From the early 1990’s ERP helped the companies in driving down their cost and also helped them in operating more efficiently. Effective data management also helped streamlining the business process effectively. Planning, manufacturing, marketing, sales and quoting services kept on improving. Stock control, financial tracking and customer service also got better with ERP. Many time consuming and labor related processes were eliminated by the small business with the usage of enterprise resource planning software.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

POS Management System

Hotel Management System

Restaurant Management System

Pharmacy Management System

atACC ERP 19 – Basic Edition

Our brand new product atACC ERP 19 has been developed using the latest technologies. Software has incorporated a very futuristic web based design and have also made significant performance level enhancements. atACC ERP 19 is basically a highly user-friendly package, packed with very advanced and attractive features. The accounting inventory core area with WAC and POS modules are currently available in the new version. The software is a complete accounting and inventory package designed to meet the increasing business needs of almost any business establishment.
  • Accounting & Inventory Management
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • POS(Point of Sale)
  • Project Management
  • Counter Sales Provision
  • Cloud compatible
  • Mobile App compatible

atACC ERP 19 – Standard Edition

atACC ERP 19 is an application developed mainly for targeting small and medium Hotel, Restaurants, super markets, production companies, import-export institutions, companies having multiple branches etc. The standard edition includes all the features available in Basic edition as well. Software is developed in such a way that complete operation of any such organizations can be automated as we have made available certain modules which will be required for that specific segment in most case and the core area of any organization which is the accounting and inventory clubbed with these modules will make the software cent percent fit for the particular domain.
  • Multi-Branch Management
  • Restaurant Management System
  • Payroll Management
  • Hospitality management
  • Cloud compatibility
  • Mobile App compatible
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